Iyara Gloves and Partners Launch Medical Gloves Products from Innovative Nanotechnology Invented by Prince of Songkla University

November 3, 2020by bingbing0

Iyara Gloves Co., Ltd. is one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers of medical gloves as latex and nitrile gloves. The IYARA Exclusive Gloves brand launched an innovative product of medical gloves from the IYARA GLOVE factory that is currently underway and announced the cooperation with partners, namely Prince of Songkla University (PSU), Securities Public Company Limited (AEC), Eagles Group, SSS Solution Company Limited and 24 Clean Energy Company Limited in order to expand the use of nanotechnology in the process of forming rubber gloves can be used for practical purposes, it reduces the risk of infection, provides protection against viruses, and provides comprehensive protection for your health. In the event, Dr. Narong Chokwattana was honored as the chairman of the ceremony.

Mr. Kitpiphat Piamnitikorn, Managing Director of Iyara Gloves Company Limited, said, “Due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19, Creating ideas for the management of infectious waste, in line with Iyara’s commitment to producing reliable and innovative high-quality latex gloves that are coming up in the world. In glove manufacturing and forming to pass on good quality products to society especially in medical applications And industrial groups need to be sterile in the production process, by focusing on the concept of “easy to buy, easy to sell and have a standard manufacturing plant” to meet consumer needs. Currently, there are four types of Iyara Gloves Gloves: Latex Examination Gloves Powder Free, Nitrile Examination Gloves Powder Free, Nitrile Disposable Gloves Powder Free, and Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves Powder Free. Production of rubber gloves of the company to add value and create an advantage in the rubber glove market in the future ”

Assistant professor Dr. Worawit Wanichsuwan Director of the Institute of Medical Research and Innovation Prince of Songkla University said, “The university is committed to helping fellow humans in solving the COVID-19 crisis. Invented Research and develop products that meet the needs of the New-normal lifestyle. Especially in high-risk groups such as doctors, nurses, and entrepreneurs in industries that need cleanliness and sterilization. By this medical glove development project, Nanotechnology-related innovations have been applied in the glove molding process. To obtain high-performance medical gloves to kill germs, durable, not easily broken by a collaboration between Prince of Songkla University. National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Biotech) and AVS Innovation Co., Ltd., which is in the process of applying for protection by the Department of Intellectual Property in the production process”

Iyara Gloves also has partnerships to expand its products and services in the broad. In different supporting roles such as 24 Clean Energy Co., Ltd., Securities Public Company Limited (AEC ), Financial Advisors, Eagles Group, Logistics Partners, Lynkai, Solution Company Limited, Raw Materials Partners, and Supply chain.


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